Session Results

Program 2018:
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Program THL 2018

First day, June 25th



  • with a holistic lightweight construction optimization, the mass of parts that are moving within a machine could be reduced by 33 percent
  • Metallic inserts in thermoplastics are now easier to make thanks to a new production technology by KraussMaffei
  • Fraunhofer presents a technology for manufacturing an underbody module which consists of plastics and aluminum


  • new opportunities for lightweight construction due to open-pored aluminum casting. A new technology with a lot of potential
  • By means of a novel metal insertion system, the introduction of force into thin-walled CFRP structures can be significantly increased
  • The new HFQ technology allows the pressing of complex structures of high-strength aluminum


Results Session II "Digitalization & Simulation":


  • Outsourcing to cloud-based solutions offers a form of collaboration that is independent from the location of the companies, this means a competitive advantage and shorter time-to-market for SMEs; Digitalization + middle class = competitive advantage
  • Working at the same time on real and digital prototypes -> but benefit from the interaction of both worlds
  • engineers can focus on difficult activities, if they are relieved of routine activities trough the use of AI; Automated and data-based pattern recognition offers new business models


  • Simulation and AM come together through topology optimization - thanks to suitable lattice structures with suitable distortion calculation
  • Simulation and the practical process of a process are considered independently, but ultimately brought together to achieve a better understanding of the process
  • Determination of the ecological and economic optimization potential in the production of CFRP structures, e.g. specifically based on greenhouse gas emissions


Results Session III "Process Innovation - Optimized Production Process & New Structures":

  • MPA Stuttgart has developed a tool for friction stir welding of aluminum and steel in a single welding process
  • Together with partners in the FlexHyJoin project, EDAG is developing a production cell that couples induction and laser-based processes; Use for hybrid material connections
  • MAN is the largest consumer of GfK in the car body sector in D, not BMW

Results Session IV "Additive Manufacturing - Technological Innovations & Production Networks":

  • The Fraunhofer EMI demonstrates the integration of sensors into additive components with hybrid manufacturing concepts
  • The wbk Institute for Production Technology of the kit shows that the advantages of both worlds can be combined with AM of continuous fiber reinforced plastics
  • Function integration: csi entwicklungstechnik GmbH shows the full potential of AM using the example of a 3D-printed cockpit module carrier


Industry Forums, June 26th

Lightweight construction meets mechanical engineering

  • Lightweight construction must be considered holistically throughout the entire production process so that the potential can be fully exploited
  • Mass reduction via energy saving; Peripheral devices can be made smaller

Lightweight construction meets aerospace

  • Certification / quality procedures must be established or standardized
  • Agencies (such as FEA or ESA) must be taken early
  • Non-Fatigue Critical Parts "could be used to try to establish 3D printed parts in airplanes